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20 JAN 2020 Notice for Overweight units Sallaum Lines Antwerpen

Dear valued customers
see below a reminder from Sallaum Lines/ Belgien regarding the cargo modalities/new criteria :
Please share this information with your clients/consignee’s to avoid  any delay/extra charges for your shipment.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time.
With best regards
Overseas-Forwarding Int.
Schiffahrts-und Speditionsgesellschaft mbH
Grimm 8 | 20457 Hamburg – Germany
-RoRo Department-
Unfortunately we started noticing that again some trucks are being delivered with overweight. Referring to the new Municipal Port Police Regulations from 15/09/2019, overweight is strictly prohibited and we cannot ship units which find themselves in this condition.
  1. Zero-tolerance on overweight.
    o For all vehicles, the Maximum Allowable Mass (MAM) must be strictly respected.
Therefore we find ourselves obliged to charge 300,00 EUR to arrange every unit with overweight, in order to deblock it for further shipment in compliance with the Municipal Port Police Regulations.
Please be informed about the new rules which will be applied on all terminals as from 15/09 with regards to deliveries of secondhand cargo. For you easy reference below we highlighted the main important changes into the existing regulations. Thanks to read all these carefully and make sure cargo delivered is always in compliance with the port regulations.    1. Zero-tolerance on overweight. o For all vehicles, the Maximum Allowable Mass (MAM) must be strictly respected.
  1. Packing list: o All vehicles with additional cargo should be in possession of a correct packing list, placed folded up on the right lower corner of the front window of the vehicle.
  1. Additional cargo shall comply with the Municipal Port Police Regulations and the Port Instructions. Apart from this : o Passenger cars (MAM ≤ 3.5 tonnes): Cargo only allowed in trunk space.
o In station wagons and mono volume cars, cargo only allowed in the cargo space, up to shoulder height of seats.
o Small and big vans (MAM ≤ 3.5 tonnes): - In open compartments, cargo allowed up to shoulder height of seats. - In closed compartments, cargo allowed in the cargo space, up to half of the height of the compartment.
o Vehicles (MAM > 3.5 tonnes): must be checked on seaworthiness (lashing and securing of cargo loaded on top or inside the trucks)
As of  15/09 no more exceptions will be tolerated and all cargo in breach with the newly implemented rules will be refused at shippers cost and responsibility.
May we kindly ask you to treat this with your utmost attention and support
Always at your disposal for any further clarification if required,
Hoping to have informed you, we count on your cooperation as usual.
Met vriendelijke groeten/Kind regards/Cordialement,
Matthias Keuppens
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