Donnerstag, 05 Dezember 2019 16:22

06 Dez 2019_Terminal / Hamburg / Unikai / Schuppen 48 / closure is valid from 09.12.2019 until 10.12.2019

Dear valued Customer,

we received below email from Unikai / Schuppen 48 / Hamburg for your urgent attention .




Dear valued Customer,

to our great regret, we have to inform you that due to

schedule changes and ship delays our terminal temporarily for the

delivery of vehicles to West Africa and the Mediterranean.


The closure is valid from 09.12.2019 until 10.12.2019.

The ban on acceptance is expressly also valid for trucks‘s.


Vehicle deliveries are again possible from 11.12.2019, but it

can lead to considerable waiting times come.


We hope for your understanding for this measure and remain

Please share this information with your clients/customer.




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