Montag, 16 Dezember 2019 15:57

16 Dezember 2019 Terminal / Hamburg / Unikai / Schuppen 48 / Delayed acceptance of used vehicles



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Dear all,

Please be informed about the current developments at UNIKAI.

A combination of continued high delivery volumes, cancelled ship calls and delayed ships due to bad weather conditions results in extremely high stock levels at UNIKAI terminal at the moment.

Please take into account that receiving operations for 2nd cars will suffer massive delays during the first half of this week.

While this should be back to normal later this week, the next peak is expected for Dec 23/24th.

Please be advised that UNIKAI cannot guarantee offloading cargoes from trucks arriving Dec 23/24th at present!

There is the real risk that some trucks arriving Dec 23/24th might need to wait until after Christmas for offloading.

Please take this into account when planning traffics.

I will send a further update later this week.

>>>> Please share this information with your clients/customer! <<<<




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